Is there any future for mobile development?

Should I do mobile development or back-end development?


With the development of the times, the mobile terminal has replaced the PC terminal and has become the most commonly used Internet portal for daily use. Now the mobile terminal is mainly divided into two camps, Android and iOS, corresponding to Google and Apple. Market development direction. They even developed new programming languages ​​for Android and Ios, such as kotlin and swift, etc. They all hope that developers can rely more on their own platform, so that users can rely more on mobile.

But after you study these several languages ​​designed for mobile development, you will find that there is very little demand for mobile development in small companies, except for large companies, because it will increase the cost of the enterprise. And responsive web pages can make mobile users happy to use. Faced with this market form, Facebook and Google have designed better mobile programming languages ​​for developers—react native and flutter. These two languages ​​can be written at one time and can be applied to both Android and iOS, saving a lot of time For developers and businesses. flutter can even be applied to H5 and the web.

alert! From the above we can see that mobile terminal development is dominated by giants, which is not in line with the spirit of open source. In particular, development platforms such as iOS are a nightmare for developers, so after you learn the native development language, you can only serve For large enterprises, it is difficult to turn to other development directions. The future of mobile is hard to say, and it is possible that these native programming languages ​​will be eliminated.

Engage in back-end development

Every enterprise needs back-end development talents, and a large number of businesses need back-end development languages ​​to process, such as Java and Python, so the scope of employment is very broad

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